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Halcyon City

City of Tomorrow

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Created by Linda Kapoor and team, Halcyon City Council

At a Glance

In Halcyon City, there have been three full generations of superheroes, supervillains, and super-powered calamities before now, stretching back into the earlier parts of the 20th century. Members of the prior generations are still active and interested in the future of the city.

The city’s pretty used to all kinds of insanity, from dinosaurs (or Kaiju!) rampaging down the streets, to dark wizards transforming sections of the city into castles, to parallel dimensions appearing in the sky, to aliens invading. That doesn’t mean these things aren’t still amazing and surprising, but they happen, and they’re a fact of life in the city—Halcyon rolls on, even after something that seems like it should change everything.

The city is the greatest city in the world, huge and full of nearly anything you could expect to find in any city anywhere. Monuments, museums, massive corporations, slums, dark alleys, subways, whatever. Huge districts encompass many different populations and neighborhoods throughout the city, and the people living here represent diverse populations.

Latest activity

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